The Vultures’ Song: Tour update

The Vultures' Song

The Vultures’ Song: Tour update

The Vultures’ Song has been touring primary and high schools in Leeds and West Yorkshire in recent weeks. This new production from Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah, a Leeds-based theatre in education company with over thirty years’ experience, is inspired by stories of the 1947 Partitition of India.  Blahs’ board member Dick Downing caught up with the cast when they performed at Ashfield Primary School in Otley earlier this week. Afterwards he told us:

“The set is imaginative, highly practical and very well used. The costumes for the vultures worked really well. The music and sound, cunningly controlled, was excellent – I particularly liked the song and the way it was used.

“High energy… beautifully choreographed”

All of the actors were impressive. They worked very well off each other, maintained high energy and were beautifully choreographed, to the point of slickness (in a positive sense!) The content was moving and challenging, its desolation leavened by the interjections of the vultures.”

Audience Reactions:

The Vultures’ Song doesn’t feature the audience participation which has been a hallmark of previous Blahs’ productions, but when appropriate the cast will take part in a Q&A session with the audience after the performance. This gives pupils the chance to explore some of the questions raised by the play. As Dick observed:

“The audience (of about 60) was entirely focussed throughout the full time. Their questions were very intelligent and very appropriate, and were handled well by the four performers.”

Other schools have given similar positive feedback. Y8 and Y9 drama students at Heckmondwike Grammar School, who saw the production in May, praised the performers’: “effective vulture mannerisms and physical theatre”  and noted that “the multi rolling made it seem like a large cast”.

The Vultures' Song cast

The Vultures’ Song cast and set in rehearsal

The Vultures’ Song Credits:

The Vultures’ Song was written by award-winning children’s playwright Mike Kenny, and directed by Blahs Artistic Director Deborah Pakkar-Hull.

Cast: Edward Day, Simone Lewis, Richard Priestley, Ravneet Sehra.

Designer: Hannah Sibai

Soundtrack: Gerry Smith

A further tour of The Vultures’ Song is planned to theatres and community venues in autumn 2018. For more details contact