Mike Kenny

Mike Kenny 2Internationally acclaimed playwright Mike Kenny was instrumental in the early development of the Blahs’ work.


‘I have them to thank for kicking off my career as a playwright.’ says Mike ‘In their early days, and my early days, I wrote a series of plays for them which I still count among the best work I’ve ever done, despite the awards I went on to win and all the interesting commissions that came along, both in the UK and overseas. It all began with the Blahs’


Among Mike’s many writing credits for the Blahs are Bag Dancing, Not Like That Like That, Unmade Beds, Thin Skin, STUCK and I Love The Witch.  He will also be the writer for The Vultures’ Song, a new piece of work being developed by the Blahs based on the partition of India and Pakistan that will form the heart of a large-scale international collaboration.


Mike’s re-involvement with the Blahs marks an important time for the company as they celebrate 30 years of exploring stories and also the 50th anniversary of TIE as an art form.