Developing the whole student

Developing the whole student

During 2014/15 we were a part of the Cape UK Specialist Leaders in Cultural Learning Scheme (SLiCL), they invested in ten middle or senior leaders, to enable those leaders to help Cape UK to make the case for the arts and creativity in Education.  We worked with teachers and pupils from Greetland Academy on a bespoke project for them to use drama to increase attainment in reading.

Each of the leaders had outcomes they were looking to specifically see in their students from working with an arts or cultural organisation such as;

  • finding imaginative innovative ways of hooking our children into learning
  • raising the aspirations and self confidence of our young people
  • to use the arts to see if we could impact particularly on children’s reading abilities
  • developing skills including the social skills that the students need in order to develop into citizens that will fit into our modern society


We are waiting for the full  SLiCL report to be released and will share more of the findings as they are available.

This video shares some of the very positive experiences and outcomes from teachers, senior leaders and students involved in the projects. We are especially proud to hear that Greetland Academy had such fantastic results from working with us over the six-week period. See more about the specifics of the bespoke project here.

We’re looking at developing the whole student and we feel the Arts and Drama are an important part of taking that forward.

Andy Hoyland Deputy Head Teacher, Stocksbridge High School