Theseus and the Bull Dancers

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About This Project

Using a version of the “Theseus and the Minotaur Myth” as told by Mary Renault in her novel The King Must Die.
The children find their names written on clay tablets and placed in bowls on an altar in the market square in Athens three thousand years ago. Those who are selected will be taken away to the island of Crete as sacrifice to the Great Earth Shaker and never seen again. The children make the journey that the Athenian children made and learn about the principles behind working as a team and how to face their fears.

“It turned my mind on!” (year 5 Pupil)

Originally toured as a four-part drama delivered by four actor-teachers, the material was adapted to be used as a Continuing Professional Development opportunity for teachers. Two members of staff joined an actor-teacher to create a team of three, delivering two drama sessions to both their Yr 5 classes. This model of working was a fantastic opportunity for members of staff to have the experience of working as part of a theatre in education team led by a professional drama practitioner.