Taking Issue

About This Project

Three Playwrights and a theatre company

With plays by Mike Kenny, Mary Cooper and Mark Catley


This book is a collection of three plays commissioned by the Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah for teenage and young adult audiences.  The plays represent, in radically different ways, a continuation and development of an early Blah Blah Blah principle: to produce thematically and aesthetically challenging, unpatronising work for young people.  Mike Kenny’s Thin Skin, Mary Cooper’s Grass and Mark Catley’s Angel explore the reasons people behave in the way they do; they show that behaviour, sometimes quite brutally, they challenge aspects of that behaviour – but they are never lessons in how to behave.


From its base in Leeds Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah has been touring nationally for nearly twenty years.  Within the field of theatre for young people, its schools, youth club and small scale touring work is well know for its breath and originality.