There is a rubbish dump on the edge of town, where all the things that are no longer needed…or wanted…are taken to be buried. Each day as the last lorry rumbles away and the gates are padlocked shut, a solitary figure appears to slowly pick her way over the discarded junk, stopping every now and then to pocket a new find. To her the town tip is a treasure trove, a place of beauty and usefulness, full of things waiting to be given a new life. To her, the dump is home!

Rummage!, an exciting new one-person participatory performance for 5 – 8 year olds, toured to schools, library settings and arts festivals within West Yorkshire in May and June 2015, now available to book across Yorkshire.  Children were invited to step into the fictional world to watch and take part in rich story-making opportunities, puppetry and play to explore the imaginative possibilities of the everyday objects we throw away. Through their participation children also began to unearth the story of the mysterious dump-dweller and with her, reflect upon ethical questions relating to waste and consumerism.

“I was sad to leave, it was so greatly amusing and inspired”

Young Audience Member, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, 28th June 2015


This tour was generously supported by funding from The Ernest Cook Trust, the R.E. Chadwick Charitable Trust and Wade’s Charity.


Rummage! was developed in collaboration with The Play House, a respected and long standing Theatre in Education Company based in Birmingham, who simultaneously toured the piece within the West Midlands.