Millions of Kisses

Youth Theatre
About This Project

We produced “Millions of Kisses” an untold story for Holocaust Memorial Day with young people from Escape Contemporary Youth Theatre based in Leeds. Our starting point was from letters held in the Liddle archive collection in Leeds University.


There are more than fifty postcards and letters sent from Elsbeth in Berlin to her daughter Helga in England giving us a picture of  what life was like for a Jewish family split between two countries in the lead up to and during the Second World War. Amongst these letters are ones sent by fifteen year old Steffi to her cousin Helga which are full of news about boys and dancing and going to the cinema which makes the correspondence seem even more tragic because the letters came to an end in 1942.


Unlike Helga, Elsbeth and Steffi never managed to get out of Berlin and they were transported to Auschwitz where they either died in transport or were murdered in the camp.