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About This Project

There are five kingdoms in our story. The kingdoms of Fire; Water; Earth; Air; and Rock. Linking them all together is the Core of the Kingdoms.
The trouble is, there has been a lot of forgetting going on in these kingdoms in recent memory and each kingdom has forgotten that any other kingdoms exist.
There is an entrance to each kingdom but nobody has been in or out because they can’t remember where it leads to.
Cracks have been appearing in the ground and there seem to be a lot of crows hanging around ‘kaw-ing’ at people for no apparent reason.

At the Core of the Kingdoms are the Keeper of Memories and the Tree-talker. They tend to the Tree of Memories which holds all of the memories of each kingdom. Long ago, there was a war between the kingdoms and they cut themselves off from each other. But of course, nobody remembers this. Nobody except the Keeper of Memories and the Tree-talker who have been stranded at the Core of the Kingdoms since dangerous cracks began appearing in the ground around them. In order to stop the cracks, they need the Kingdoms to come to the Core and remember each other. But how can they get a message to people who don’t even know they exist? Crows. They will send out crows to repeat the word ‘core’, which will hopefully spark some memoriesā€¦

The king and Queen of each kingdom send a group of ambassadors to venture out into the unknown and follow the insistent crows.

Designed for five schools over four weeks with whole class sessions in school and after school ‘ambassador’ sessions, where a handful of children from each school met together at the Core of the Kingdoms. The project culminated in a sharing event where all the kingdoms came together at the Core of the Kingdoms to end the story.