Hide and Seek

Past Productions, Touring Programme
About This Project
“If a penny-for- the- guy represents a tortured body… what does a toffee apple on a stick represent?” Can we find the lost connections between bonfire night rituals and the Gunpowder Plot?

Using Antonia Fraser’s book Faith and Treason as our main source and comparing this to material we found on You Tube, through web sites and on film we developed Hide and Seek, a participatory performance recommended for age 9+. Using drama to explore the history of the Gunpowder Plot from both sides.

“He cannot see the pursuivants but he can hear them. This is what it must have sounded like”. We physically recreate the search of a Catholic House from the point of view of a Priest hiding in a hole.

“If the barrels of gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament could talk, this is what they would say”. Imagining the destruction it could have caused and finding the words to express it.

Hide and Seek began as a Company of Teachers model where four secondary school teachers devised and toured the show with the Blahs.