Guerrilla Gardening

Current Productions, Touring Programme
About This Project

Photograph © Lizzie Coombes

In a city full of concrete, there is a garden hidden away behind the rows of housing, surrounded by high walls. It is bursting with flowers, fruit, and vegetables, planted in unusual everyday objects. The man who lives here grows them to brighten up the grey, and to feed himself. This little oasis stops him feeling lonely and keeps bad his memories at bay. One day, a child accidently discovers the garden; at first he is not welcome, but over time and as the seasons change, a friendship blooms. As the man’s trust in people grows through his friendship with the child, the walls of the garden come down and the man is encouraged to take his first steps out into his local community.


The show celebrates how gardening brings communities together and breathes new life into abandoned places, gently highlighting food poverty, climate change, activism, and the power of reclaiming space.


We will continue to develop the performance in 2022 with the intention of touring to small-scale studios and non-traditional spaces.


Here is a short film sharing our recent work on the project: