Bag Dancing

Bag Dancing 2015
Enter Imelda, a homeless woman who carries her belongings around with her in bags. Because of them she is refused entry to a hostel for the homeless by its caretaker Neville, a man she has run up against on several occasions previously. Taking her stand on the street outside the hostel, she begins to unpack her bags and as she does stories of war, displacement, mental health, loss and loneliness are momentarily opened up for the audience to explore with her.

Internationally celebrated playwright Mike Kenny worked with the company to share in re-imagining TiE for the 21st Century, re-working ‘Bag Dancing’, a classic from the Blahs back catalogue as a part of this process. He was instrumental in the early development of the Blahs and bringing him back marks an important time in both the Company and Form’s development ­– the 30th anniversary of the Blahs in 2015 and the 50th anniversary of Theatre in Education in 2016.

Bag Dancing toured locally and nationally throughout Autumn 2015, mostly to schools, but also to festivals and venues that have a specific remit around engaging young people and University applied theatre departments where it was used as a tool for teaching about TiE.