A Tale to Tell

A Tale to Tell 2017
For 1000 nights, Queen Scheherazade has told her stories of magic and adventure to the King. But now she's run out of ideas and needs help to finish her final story.

A Tale to Tell celebrates the rich world of Arabic storytelling, blending spoken English and Arabic with exciting shadow plays to tell familiar stories and to engage children in making up new ones.

A Tale to Tell: short video of performance excerpts and interviews

Inspired by the One Thousand and One – Arabian Nights and features storytelling in Arabic and English through shadow play and performance.  Queen Scheherazade is in danger from the King and must tell him a story every night, so she has sent messengers across the land to find storytellers to meet with her secretly.  In her garden the stories unfold inside a Bedouin inspired tent, where performers tell and act out stories from The Arabian Nights.  The audience are drawn into the story through this secret meeting and children end up helping Queen Scheherazade to create a final story to tell the King and ultimately save her life!


This participatory performance provides an engaging visual and linguistic stimulus for English and Literacy, particularly for children who speak English as an Additional Language, and is accompanied by online classroom resources that include tailor-made activities for the EAL learner.


“[…] for an hour, children whose lives have been difficult, relaxed and allowed themselves to be transported somewhere else, somewhere magical.” 

– Taken from the 5* review we received by Tarvin Community Centre from our 2016 tour at ‘Save the Family’ on May 28th HERE.


Touring to primary schools, libraries and venues in May & June 2017.

Suitable for ages 7+  [School Years 3-5]

Free Teachers’ Resources Pack is available to download here A Tale to Tell resources 2017

Tour dates 15th May – 16th June 2017

Contact Kirsty Lambert on

0113 380 5646 or at 

kirsty@blahs.co.uk to book



A Tale to Tell is a co production with the kind support of The Play House, Birmingham.