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Children make sense of the world by acting out their own stories. They get their inspiration from events that happen around them and their memories of Covid-19 will live long. Will they remember playing alone on hot summer days, or Thursday nights clapping on the doorstep, or even of loved ones who have disappeared from their lives?


Children will need creativity to express how they feel about this time and schools have little or no budget for arts activities. The Blah’s work will be needed now more than ever to help with children’s well-being.


We can make a difference.


“One girl in my class was blown away by it and said “it is the best play I have seen” and was able to engage much more in the class conversations from the range of drama used.”
Teacher at a Leeds primary school after a performance of The Vultures’ Song


Theatre can help. Our next production, Stirring up the Past, in partnership with Leeds Discovery Centre, will offer children space to explore their local community and shared histories as they find their place in a changed society. From September 2020 to March 2021, we will start the first phase of the project; working with teachers to create interactive digital classroom resources inspired by the real people behind the centre’s collections. Children will meet characters from the past, such as Michal Marks, a Jewish immigrant to Leeds in the nineteenth century, who fled persecution and overcame great personal adversity to become one half of the business we know today as Marks and Spencer. Our work with schools will then inform the creation of a site-specific performance at the Discovery Centre later in the year.


We rely on support from charitable foundations and individual donations to ensure that all children can benefit from our work, regardless of their background.


“I saw their body language change throughout the play from slumped to wide eyed.
Teacher at a Leeds primary school after a performance of The Vultures’ Song


Your support can help us make that difference


You could help fund experiences for children which will stay with them throughout their lives:

• £650 will allow us to perform Stirring up the Past to a primary school class in a deprived area
• £125 will provide support for one volunteer on the project, helping them build skills and experiences for the workplace
• £15 will allow us to offer a free place to a low-income family wanting to see the show
• £3 will provide a teacher with high quality educational resources, enabling them to deliver engaging creative activities for one child


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