Made to Measure

Oliver Twist 2013 156
'Bulldancers' Beechwood Primary School 2006.22
100% of the children who received the Blah intervention in the Summer term made at least one sub-level progress in their reading which is an absolutely huge increase of 41% on the rest of the cohort

The Blahs have a long history of creating drama and theatre projects tailored to the specific needs of schools. If you are interested in working with an experienced drama practitioner to create drama sessions for the classroom, our Affiliated Artists can offer you support with the following:

individual support, group work with small cohorts of teachers, or whole school training in Continuing Professional Development and Learning (CPDL)

practical techniques in using drama: to support curriculum outcomes, especially writing and SMSC

enabling teachers to embed drama pedagogies into their classroom practice

engaging children and young people in experiential learning that develops their human aptitudes and capacities, e.g. empathy, critical thinking, understandings about self and the world.

Using drama partnerships to increase attainment in reading

This film shows a Made to Measure project in action with teachers and children at Greetland Academy School, exploring how drama can unlock inference in reading.

“The Blahs’ drama CPD has had a phenomenal impact on standards in writing by expanding children’s imagination, experiences of exciting settings, empathy with characters and self-confidence. It has extended their ability to listen attentively, speak with a far wider vocabulary and think deeper. When writing, they draw on their adventures, the characters they have met and settings they have explored. Our teachers experience massive learning gains so they continue to use the techniques year after year.”

Jane Langley, Headteacher, Alwoodley Primary School


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