Drama, Theatre and Young People Manifesto

Drama, Theatre and Young People Manifesto

The Blahs fully support the new Drama, Theatre and Young People Manifesto.

The voices of young people, their right to creative expression, and their right to educational and participatory opportunities that develop their theatre, communication and creative skills, have been central tenets of our practice for 35 years. Every young person deserves to have access to drama and theatre.

The Manifesto was developed by a range of drama and theatre education organisations, including National Drama, Theatre Education Forum and others, and was launched in November 2019.

It calls for every child and young person to have an entitlement to drama and theatre throughout their education. It calls also for high quality teaching and theatre experiences, for young people to be supported as they enter the theatre workforce, and for a world class infrastructure to be embedded into Drama & Theatre education.

The Manifesto publishers write,

“Making drama and theatre is an essential part of being human. Participating helps us to express what we care about, and why; reminding us of who we are and what we can be. Drama is a source for cultural capital, identity and heritage; it inspires us to take risks, think critically and builds social cohesion through collaboration. It can change and shape our lives through developing creativity, cognition, empathy and resilience. Children and young people thrive in schools where drama is accessible to all through the curriculum.”

Read the Manifesto here: https://dramatheatremanifesto.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Drama-Theatre-Manifesto-2019.pdf