Calling Key Stage 2 Teachers: join the Blahs in Stirring Up The Past!

Calling Key Stage 2 Teachers: join the Blahs in Stirring Up The Past!

The Blahs has a 35-year history of working with schools and teachers to run creative projects that inspire and excite young people and directly support learning.

We understand that things are really hard for schools right now, and that this is likely to be the same next term too.

We want to help by using our creative skills to develop new digital & interactive classroom resources that are linked to the curriculum; and support creative learning as we adjust to a new way of life.

Museum shelves stacked with a variety of wooden, metal and assorted historic objects and curiosities.

What stories hiding within Leeds Discovery Centre can we uncover to learn about our past?

Stirring Up The Past: a new project for Key Stage 2, with strong links to SMSC and Local History Study that can also be used as content for a recovery curriculum.

The project features real local historical figures to enable children to make connections between past and present, and think about how we all live in the world today.

Figures such as Jogendra Sen, an Indian man who came to Leeds in 1910 to study engineering at university. He was one of the first men to sign up for the Leeds Pals battalion and despite his education was only able to progress to the rank of Private due to the ‘colour bar’; and Michael Marks, a Jewish immigrant to the city, fleeing persecution and violence, who overcame great adversity and hardship to become one half of the business we know today as Marks and Spencer.

The project involves The Blahs working in partnership with Leeds Discovery Centre – a state-of-the-art museum and gallery storage facility with over a million objects of educational and cultural significance.

We will be bringing to life the people and events behind parts of their collection, using film, text and sound to create online, interactive learning tools.

But we want to make sure these resources are tailored, relevant, accessible and useful for schools… and for this we need you!

We’re looking for teachers and school staff to bring their expertise to the process to make sure all the resources are the best they can be.

Models of birds of prey on a metal shelf.

Kestrels perched

We won’t start this work until September – and we know how busy you are – so we are keeping the time commitment as small as possible, with a number of ways to contribute including:

  • A short online survey
  • Joining in a short online conversation
  • Looking over the resources and offering initial feedback


Everyone who takes part, in whatever way, will get access to the resources for freeand the opportunity to take part in development sessions, providing guidance on how to independently use the resources in the classroom. The resources will be ready for you to use in your classrooms from April 2021.

Just email so that we have your email address and we’ll be back in touch in September.

If you have any questions about this project, or you think there are other ways the Blahs can support you or your school, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.