Blah People

Deborah Pakkar-Hull is the Artistic Director of The Blahs.  She leads on the artistic and strategic development of the company and oversees operations.  She is supported by a small, highly skilled freelance team who include:


Andrew Procter – Finance Officer

Adrian Watts – Interim Administrator

Ben Rothera and Ceri Brierley – Associate Producers

Suzanne Wynne – Marketing and Communications


The company also regularly works with a pool of experienced artists on its projects.


The Blahs are supported by a strong Board whose expertise spans arts management, business development, secondary education, lifelong learning, community engagement, theatre touring, marketing and communications, special educational provision and evaluation.  Current Board members include:

Jane Storr (Chair)

Annie Lloyd

Gill Morley

Madeleine Thorne

Lauren Huxley

Neil McCallum

From June 2021 three new members will join the Board:

Job Kabamba

Linzi Tate

Indy Bell


We are privileged to have award winning actor Bill Nighy and acclaimed playwright Mike Kenny as our patrons