Blah People

Deborah Pakkar-Hull is the Artistic Director of The Blahs.  She leads on the artistic and strategic development of the company and oversees operations.

Iain Bloomfield is the Blahs’ new Executive Creative Director, leading on developing new projects and partnerships.


Iain and Deborah are supported by a small, highly skilled freelance team who include:


Andrew Procter – Finance Officer

Adrian Watts – Interim Administrator

Ben Rothera and Ceri Brierley – Associate Producers

Suzanne Wynne – Marketing and Communications


The company also regularly works with a pool of experienced artists on its projects.


The Blahs are supported by a strong Board whose expertise spans arts management, business development, secondary education, lifelong learning, community engagement, theatre touring, marketing and communications, special educational provision and evaluation.  Current Board members include:


Jane Storr (Chair)

Annie Lloyd

Gill Morley

Madeleine Thorne

Lauren Huxley

Neil McCallum

Job Kabamba

Linzi Tate

Indy Bell


We are privileged to have award winning actor Bill Nighy and acclaimed playwright Mike Kenny as our patrons.