The Vultures’ Song

A powerful and entertaining story of a young girl’s journey to find a new home.

 Vultures eat and fly, they rule the sky, whirling slowly, waiting, watching…

 Grab a perch with four curious vultures who will make you laugh at their antics and tell you an epic tale of one girl’s bravery. They will take you on a journey through a place that was once whole but is now divided. Our feathered storytellers bring every moment to life as they transform into all the people she meets along the way – a protective older sister, friendly neighbours who take a risk to help, people making the most of the divide and other children who are now better off.

The Vultures’ Song is a moving story full of light-hearted moments for children aged 9 years and above, but that all ages can enjoy. It was nominated for Best Play for Young Audiences at the 2019 Writers’ Guild Awards and is written by award-winning children’s writer Mike Kenny.  It toured between 2018 and 2020 to schools, community settings and theatres

“You could really understand what was going on and it was funny.”
Young audience member

“It really stood out as a very unique and special performance… It was better than we expected – exceptional!”

“Fantastic…it was engaging and explored some really interesting issues.”
Young audience member

“One of the best productions I have seen… There was nobody who wasn’t completely entranced.”
Teacher/group leader

You can see a trailer of the performance here:

And access the following accompanying resources and activities:

  • Family activities

We’ve got some great creative activities for you to do as a family, inspired by the show. Click below to download the activities.

The Vultures’ Song Creative Challenges for Families
  • Secondary School Tasks

For pupils in Key Stages 3 and 4, we have resources for schools that relate to various parts of The Vultures’ Song film and link to the drama curriculum – useful for older learners at home at this time. Click below for the tasks.

The Vultures’ Song KS3/KS4 Resources
  • Primary School Resources

We’ve also got some great resources for teaching in primary schools which link to film clips, so pupils don’t necessarily have to have seen the full show to do these classroom activities. Click below for these resources.

The Vultures’ Song Primary School Resources
  • Prospero

This is an interactive website by C&T offering lots of ways to explore the performance. You can see clips and interviews with the cast, find out more about the inspiration behind the show and get involved. You have to sign up for an account (there’s no cost to this and you won’t be bombarded with emails) but then you can access everything on there to do with The Vultures’ Song:



“One of the best productions I have seen… There was nobody who wasn’t completely entranced.”

Teacher/group leader


The 2020 tour of The Vultures’ Song was supported by an Arts Council of England Grant for the Arts and a Leeds Inspired Grant.