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Silas Marner

Past Residencies
About This Project

From the novel Silas Marner by George Elliot. The children follow the story of a man who loses everything – his home, his faith in friendship and his faith in God. He lives as an outcast from society until an orphaned child mysteriously appears in his home. This is a story about secrets. Secrets buried deep. Secrets held for years and years. Until the time is right for the secrets to come to light…

Originally toured as a four-part drama delivered by four actor-teachers, the material was adapted to be used as a Continuing Professional Development opportunity for teachers. Two members of staff joined an actor-teacher to create a team of three, delivering two drama sessions to both their Yr 6 classes. This model of working was a fantastic opportunity for members of staff to have the experience of working as part of a theatre in education team led by a professional drama practitioner.