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Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah involve children and young people in a creative experience that both connects to the school curriculum and supports deeper understanding of society, in preparation for the world beyond statutory testing.


Since 2010, GCSEs taken in arts subjects are down 20% and the number of arts teachers has been reduced by 11% (Ofqual). We have experienced school budgets for arts activity being reduced, threatening the provision of creative education in schools.


The Creative Economy accounts for 8.24% of UK economy and is growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy. Failure to invest in arts education will lead to skills shortages.

The work of The Blahs: a case for support featuring interviews and excerpts of work, discussing the benefits of creativity in education.


Links to further information

The Creative Industries Federation labels Government education policy as ‘economic madness’.

‘Social Mobility and the Skills Gap’: A CIF paper outlining how current education policy is limiting the life chances of the next generation and will not achieve the Prime Minister’s ambitions for greater social mobility.


To speak to us about supporting our work, please contact:
Deborah Pakkar-Hull, Artistic Director
Tel: 0113 380 5646