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Made to Measure

Oliver Twist 2013 156
'Bulldancers' Beechwood Primary School 2006.22

Now available all year round, our ‘Made to Measure’ programme offers primary schools the chance to set their own agenda and develop and put into practice strategies proven to impact on the learning of both teachers and pupils alike.

Using a story based approach and working through teacher-in-role and a range of other interactive, educational drama techniques, the model offers teachers the opportunity to:

Set their own bespoke learning outcomes for the project

Co-plan with an experienced practitioner

Team-teach alongside the practitioner

Partner with another teacher through the process

Be guided in selecting a ‘story for learning’

Test new techniques and develop existing practice

See techniques modeled and receive support and guidance

Be supported in sharing findings and techniques more widely

Some of the stories that have previously been selected: The Paper Bag Prince; Rules of Summer; The Little Prince; The Suitcase Kid; Goodnight Mister Tom; There’s a Viking in my Bed; The Smartest Giant in Town.

Using drama partnerships to increase attainment in reading

This Cape UK project shows our bespoke work with the teachers and children at Greetland Academy school to explore how drama can unlock inference in reading.

“The Blahs’ drama CPD has had a phenomenal impact on standards in writing by expanding children’s imagination, experiences of exciting settings, empathy with characters and self-confidence. It has extended their ability to listen attentively, speak with a far wider vocabulary and think deeper. When writing, they draw on their adventures, the characters they have met and settings they have explored. Our teachers experience massive learning gains so they continue to use the techniques year after year.”
Jane Langley, Headteacher, Alwoodley Primary School


For further details please call Pavla Beier, Senior Creative Practitioner, on 0113 426 2767 or email