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Our Approach

Getting inside the story

We take stories apart to find out what they mean and where the heart of them lies.
Stories are complex structures that contain many different meanings allowing different ways of telling and interpreting them. Our task is to get inside the structure and find the way in which a story resonates for ourselves and our audience.


Learning with our audience

Working in a participatory way allows us to invite the audience to step into the story with us, experience it from different viewpoints and encounter characters at crucial dramatic moments.


Encouraging collaboration

We encourage teachers to join us. These are the people who give us access to our audience and they benefit from having a shared experience with their pupils. In our residency work, we have developed a professional development programme, responding to teachers’ desire to deliver participative theatre programmes themselves.

Annual Programme

To find out more about how we apply our approach through residences in schools, our touring programme and working with Youth Theatre download our Annual Programme.