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Exploring Stories Since 1985...


"Every student was captivated"

Head of Drama, Lady Lumley's


"It turned my mind on"

Year 5 Pupil

Ruby’s Walk

"A masterful, unusual story"

MA Student, University of Leeds

Exploring Stories not Just Telling Them

Dynamic participatory theatre and drama experiences for children and young people

facilitating enquiry into fundamental philosophical questions

Bill Nighy 

Welcome to the Blahs, Mr Nighy

We are honoured and genuinely thrilled to welcome Mr Bill Nighy as our company patron as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations.  With an expansive acting career grounded in theatre performance he brings much wisdom and experience to our practice.  As a leading Theatre In Education (TIE) company we specialise in dynamic participatory theatre and drama experiences for children and young people, as well as equipping teachers to use drama as an exciting exploratory teaching tool.


“Theatre in education allows children to express ideas and themselves in a way that nothing else will.” says Bill.  “I’ve worked for and with children of all ages and I’ve seen how it can reach them. It also offers a unparalleled opportunity for them to connect, rely upon and look out for one another and examine minutely language and human behaviour. It can also be, for the record, enormous fun and a crash course in humility. The blahs are an exemplary example of how successful it can be. I’m proud to have been invited to associate myself with such an important company.”